Gaspmedia FREE

Instructions for installing the Version GASPmediaFree

To download click over download link.

1. Regia module, to be installed on the workstation that manage monitor. DOWNLOAD

2. Show module, to be installed on the workstation connected to the monitor. DOWNLOAD

When the download finish, run the installation program.

Follow the step of setup wizard to complete the installation of GASPmediaFree.

For video courses on the use of GASPmedia click here


The GASPmediaFree version has some limitations compared to the full version.

1. The partitions available on the monitor are limited to TWO.
2. The number of nodes / monitor is manageable ONE.

The user of version GASPmediaFree not entitled to receive technical assistance on the procedure.

To request a free trial with full functionality of the product unlocked click here

For additional product information please visit