About us


We facilitate the processes of data processing

IDROLAB born 10 years ago, with the aim of achieving the reference database for the plumbing and heating sector, characterized by a container lists are constantly updated and normalized.

In early 2006, coinciding with the renewal of the shareholder, has started a market analysis that highlighted the needs of distributors and manufacturers in relation to management processes. The outcome of the survey showed the common need to simplify and speed up processes and tasks of their daily work. IDROLAB therefore declared its mission: to encourage the increase of the processes of automatic data management operating in the fields of plumbing, construction and floor coverings. To pursue the mission were createdservices and solutions, today renewed and implemented, to respond quickly and consistently to the demands and needs of market participants.

ACTIVE BRIDGE is the icon of our brand new service: an active bridge to “connect” producers, retailers and professional users, used for the transit of information and documents in our databases: articles and lists of more than 950 brands, more 5,000,000 items managed, over 2,000,000 images linked, more than 40,000 documents attached; each update, modification, additional document, is shared and made accessible to all in real time.

The software behind our services is written by staff IDROLAB, the same people take care of the maintenance and evolution.

IDROLAB is on the market to listen to your needs, to monitor and adopt new technologies, to constantly update the functional and operational characteristics of its services.