What is digital-signage

The digital-signage is a modern form of advertising based on digital display technology: the contents are shown to end-users through electronic screens or projectors located in public places.

The digital-signage offers two main advantages:
- The billboard don’t need to be upgraded manually
- To disclose a specific message in a certain place at a particular time.

The advertising based on digital-signage solution has a better quality-price ratio in comparison to the investment for the traditional billboard. Furthermore the digital-signage capability and flexibility allows to apply changes in the content very quickly according the application required.
It is possible to display a wide variety of contents, from simple text messages or static pictures up to movies/video clips (with or without audio) or animated objects useful to stimulate people attention. Furthermore, informative and entertaining contents can be mixed together With a professional “digital-signage” platform it is possible to create audiovisual contents
(eg. showcase with scrolling content, video-poster) reproduced on LCD/Plasma screen or projected on walls or surfaces. Mass communication will result effective and efficient comparable to that one of TV.
Contents can be managed by application programs installed on a personal computer or other equipment, allowing individuals (or workgroup) to edit the content quickly and efficiently from a remote location connected via Internet or LAN.

The main application fields of digital-signage are the following ones:

• Information: to provide information about products, how to install use and maintenance specific products, news, weather forecast, time…..
• Promotion: to inform the customers about discount, special offer…
Training: to train sales staff about the use and maintenance of certain products, the use of new technology …
• Emphasis: to underline the customer satisfaction through the use of movies describing context and scenarios where solutions have been positively applied.
• Drive the customer behavior

Le soluzioni di digital signage GASPmedia si contraddistinguono per un singolare approcio al contenuto: alta flessibilità nella progettazione dell’ambito di visualizzazione dei contenuti e spiccata tendenza all’interazione ed integrazione con dati esterni.